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Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:52 am

Ever considered septum piercing?

by teemo » Thu Aug 18, 2016 5:20 pm

Septum perforation caused by cocaine abuse is a disease that matter.
Cocaine is a product that causes a lack of microcirculation in the surface of the mucosa of the nose, causing loss of nutrition. This causes the lining of the nose and cartilage holding from within the profile of the nose is destroyed.

On that necrosis, tissue destruction, chronic infection is added as the destroyed tissue has poor defenses and is easily infected by microorganisms in the nose. Chronic inflammation causes an increased obstruction of the nose, closing breathing and smell.

So, what the patient inhaling cocaine that is sensitive have are two problems: one, the destruction of the internal tissue of the nose (especially the nasal septum, but may also be affected other tissues of the nose). The other problem is chronic inflammation caused by the added infection in that area.

If the patient leaves cocaine a major problem is eliminated. Stop nasal tissue destroyed at least largely. It remains to eliminate chronic inflammation causing destruction of tissue and chronic infection. That is more difficult to cure.

Not all cases evolve same. In some cases leaving cocaine inflammation is cured and the patient recovers nasal ventilation and smell, if I had lost. In these cases, there are only the consequences of destroyed tissue (for example, if the partition is too destroys the nose will sink in the middle, taking the shape of a saddle). The destroyed part is never regenerated, but not more injuries and destructions are added.

More information on septum piercing.

Some cases are worse, very abandoned, and difficult to cure, because drugs against infection are not very effective and local priests, local medicines and, sometimes, general medicines are needed. And yet, you not always easily recover health and nasal tissues have suffered a lot and will take longer to recover partially provided, of course, that's not inhale cocaine.

In short, if you leave the cocaine part of their injuries recover, at least partially. Others do not. If you continue using it will destroy the septum, the nose will sink and breathing and smell will be greatly affected.

Avoid using drugs to open the graves and better breathing (vasoconstrictor) because it will worsen even more.

Abandon cocaine or have serious problems with his nose. We have seen terrible destructions, inside the nose, caused by cocaine.
Protect yourself against it. Leave it entirely.

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